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Time Palace and Pocket Dimension

Home of the Gods of Time, Anne and William



The Time Palace, home to the gods of time, Anne and William, is a majestic structure situated within a pocket dimension that they created at the center of the ellipse of the Primordial Timeline. This pocket dimension is a harmonious blend of diverse landscapes, offering both natural beauty and idyllic settings for the palace's inhabitants.

The palace itself isn't really a single building and instead is more of a hodge podge of multiple buildings connected together either above or under ground.


The Time Palace is a magnificent fusion of rustic, Japanese, medieval European, and Bavarian styles. The palace features intricate woodwork, pagoda rooflines, and ornate stonework, encompassing a vast area the size of a medium-sized city. The building materials consist of common woods and stones, with unique stones and gems adorning its chandeliers and door knockers. The palace has 20 floors at its highest points, with both indoor and outdoor sections seamlessly integrated.


Clockwork automata, seemingly sentient, serve as maids and butlers within the palace, attending to the needs of Anne, William, and their guests. In addition to the automata, the pocket dimension is home to various villages and unique animals, all set within the diverse landscapes of the dimension.


The pocket dimension boasts several distinct landscapes surrounding the Time Palace. Depending on the exit chosen, one may find themselves in a forest, a flower meadow, a winter wonderland, an autumn vista, an early spring setting, or a pristine tropical beach with azure waters and palm trees swaying in the breeze. The villages and the flora and fauna within each landscape are inhabited by automata, created by William and Anne.


All forms of magic function within the pocket dimension, including unique time magic exclusive to the gods of time. The only humanoid inhabitants of the pocket dimension are Anne, William, and the automata they created.

Role in the Multiverse

As the home of the gods of time, the Time Palace and its pocket dimension serve as a hub for interdimensional and temporal travel. The only way to access the pocket dimension is if Anne and William allow you to. Anne and William use their powers to guide beings like Freyja on their journeys through the multiverse, offering wisdom and assistance as they navigate the complexities of time, timelines, and the cosmic cycle.

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