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Anne Guildenstern

Time God (and not stolen from Shakespeare)



Anne Guildenstern is one of the two Time Gods. She originates from the Primordial Timeline and plays a crucial role in managing time and timelines.


Anne is a kind and curious individual, always eager to explore and learn. She is compassionate towards other beings and works diligently to maintain the balance of time.

Power and Abilities

As a time god, Anne has immense control over time and timelines. She can manipulate time, create and alter timelines, and travel through them with ease. Additionally, Anne possesses divine knowledge and understanding of the complex spiral timeline.


Anne shares a close bond with William Rosencrantz, the other time god. They support and complement each other in their duties. Anne also interacts with primordials, runners, and anomalies, offering guidance and assistance when necessary.

Anne also shares a close friendship with Freyja.

Role in the Universe

Anne Guildenstern plays a significant role in managing the time and timelines of the universe, ensuring their stability and continuity. She also guides beings on their journeys through time and helps maintain the balance of existence.