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Pocket Dimension Details

Home of the Gods of Time, Anne and William

GPT Generated Description

The Time Palace, a magnificent structure situated at the center of the ellipse of the Primordial Timeline, serves as the home of the gods of time, William and Anne. This sprawling palace, spanning the size of a medium-sized city, is a harmonious blend of rustic and Japanese architectural styles, with elements of medieval European and Bavarian designs woven throughout. With 20 floors at its highest points, the palace boasts a multitude of indoor and outdoor sections, offering a seemingly endless array of spaces to explore.

Constructed from a mix of common woods and stones, the palace features unique decorations crafted from stones and gems found only within the pocket dimension, such as chandeliers and door knockers that add a touch of timeless elegance. The palace is maintained by a small number of sentient clockwork automata, who perform the duties of maids and butlers with meticulous care.

The surrounding landscape is an idyllic, meticulously crafted environment created by William and Anne. Depending on the exit chosen, visitors can find themselves in a lush forest, a vibrant flower meadow, a serene winter wonderland, a picturesque autumn landscape, or a rejuvenating early spring scene. Within each of these biomes, quaint villages inhabited by clockwork automata can be discovered, along with a variety of animals that bring life to the landscape.

The pocket dimension in which the Time Palace resides is infused with a unique time magic, accessible only to the Time Gods themselves. As a result, all humanoid beings living within this dimension, aside from William and Anne, are clockwork automata, created by the gods to populate their world. This domain is a testament to the power and creativity of the gods of time, a haven where they can observe and guide the unfolding of countless universes from their extraordinary home.