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William Rosencrantz

Time God (and not stolen from Shakespeare)


Basic Information

William Rosencrantz is one of the two Time Gods. He originates from the Primordial Timeline and shares the responsibility of overseeing time and timelines with Anne Guildenstern.


William is a carefree individual who values his relationship with Anne above all else. He is laid-back and prefers to enjoy life, but when the situation calls for it, he can be serious and focused on his duties as a time god.

Powers and Abilites

William possesses immense control over time and timelines. He can manipulate time, create and alter timelines, and travel through them effortlessly. William also has divine knowledge of the spiral, allowing him to make informed decisions about its preservation.


William shares a strong bond with Anne Guildenstern, supporting her in their shared responsibilities as time gods. His interactions with other beings, such as primordials, runners, and anomalies, are often marked by his relaxed demeanor and friendly approach.

William is also friends with Freyja a strange exception from the spiral who shares equal, if not more power than him and Anne.

Role in the Universe

William Rosencrantz works alongside Anne Guildenstern to manage the complex web of time and timelines within the universe. He is an approachable and supportive figure, helping beings navigate the challenges of time travel and maintaining the balance of the universe.