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Former Player Character (technically)



Freyja is a Variant Human who, after a series of events and encounters, gained immortality through a lich named Varalla and now roams the multiverse.


Neko-Arc form:

Size: Small

Height: 1'11"

Weight: 17lbs

Eyes: Red

Skin: White

Hair: Blonde

Human form:

Size: Medium

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120lbs

Eyes: Red

Skin: White

Hair: Blonde


Freyja was originally a human but has been transformed into a small, cartoonish human-like cat. She has cat ears, stubby hands, and a long tail. She wears a long-sleeved white crew sweatshirt, blue skirt, black leggings, and leather boots. After regaining her human form, she now appears as a human.

Background and Origin

Growing up on the continent of exploration, Freyja turned to thievery to support her family. One fateful encounter with a merchant led her to Varalla, a lich who cursed her with her current form. Varalla granted Freyja power and immortality in exchange for her continued thievery. However, after her first universe ended, she gave up searching for Varalla's body since it was destroyed.

Motivations and Goals

After being brought into the next universe by William and Anne, the gods of time, Freyja is motivated to explore the multiverse and learn more about the nature of time and the universe.


Freyja has encountered various individuals in her journey, including Aethelwulf Ecgberhtson, Frung, Toshrokhat (Tosha), Victor O'Hare, and Varalla. She was introduced to Anne and William, the Gods of Time, after her first universe ended.

Key Events and Experiences

Freyja has experienced a number of significant events in her life, including the end of her first universe, the death of her family and friends, and meeting Anne and William. One of her most notable achievements was killing Santa.

Powers and Abilities

Freyja possesses various combat and magical abilities, including the powers granted to her by Varalla. During her first universe she becomes a level 20 Order Of The Profane Soul Blood Hunter. After her second loop, she gains level 20 in all classes. Her immortality allows her to withstand the test of time and explore the multiverse.

She also possesses the ability to transition from her Neko-Arc form and Human form.

Role in the Multiverse

Freyja has become one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, although she remains emotionally distant due to the losses she has endured. Under the guidance of Anne and William, she explores the multiverse and seeks to understand the nature of time, timelines, and the cosmic cycle.