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How To Use The Wiki

A Tutorial


Welcome to the Falcon and Friends Fun Club wiki. This page will walk you though how to navigate the wiki and supply instructions to verified editors on how to format their articles.

How It Works

Every article is stored as a simple plain text document no databases needed! However there is a downside to this. While the coding is easier it also means a search function is not possible since it is just a file in a folder. Therefore every topic on the wiki will need a "master" page of sort. This "master" page will link to all other pages for the topic it covers.

Creating a Article

Formating and writting an article is very easy, first step is to create a .txt document. The name of the document is used the URL path so it cannot share a name with another article .txt file nor can it have a space in the name, a space in the name will make the article inaccesable.

See Formating for how to format your document.


There are tags that can be used to specify how the article should look. Bellow are each element that can be used in the .txt file.

The following can be used at the bgining of a line followed by a space to specify how that entire line should be formated.

  • .title will set the tile of wiki page. Adding a <> at the end of the title with the name of an article on the inside will link to the article at the top of the page, this is intended to link to parent articles. Adding a second <> after the first <> will set the text displayed in the back to link
  • .subtitle will set the subtitle of the wiki page.
  • A # will create a HTML header. You can put up to five # the more # at the bgining of the line the smaller the header.
  • .img followed by the file name of an image will display the image on the wiki page. (UNTESTED)
  • .bp will make the line a bullet point.
  • The following can be used in line to modify text

  • < link href=""> (get rid of space between < and link) allows you to link to other artciles. Putting the file name in the "" will link to that article. In between the two tags you can write the text that can be clicked. Works with normal text and .bp